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Had Ness

Located one meter above sea level on the banks of the Jordan River in the Golan Regional Council, the community of Had Nes was founded in 1989. The community's main source of income is Tourism, primarily Bed & Breakfast establishments, jeep tours and water activities.

Currently, 150 new families are building homes in Had Nes's new neighborhood. The Settlement is officially defined as a Tourist village, with guest rooms, swimming pool and various attractions in the area. Population around 810 people (2019).

The settlement has its own nursery school and kindergarten. An organized bus system takes children to the primary school in nearby Merom Golan and the High School in the town of Katzrin. Various activities are available as part of the Moshav Youth organization. They also have an active synagogue with services.

A majority of local citizens work in the tourism industry as well as nearby industrial areas such as Katzrin, Tzahar and Hazor Glilit.

During holidays the community organizes activities for children, youth and adults. Clubs and activities for all ages are available in the local clubhouse.

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