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About Us

Buy Property in Israel LTD. (BPII) exists to connect Israeli and international real estate buyers with Israeli real estate agents. We aim to provide an easy to use and friendly platform to find the property of your dreams, supply the information you need and connect you to any of the services you might require to make your future purchase or sale.

BPII has existed since 2003 and during this time we have facilitated hundreds of real estate deals and helped people from all over the world find their dream home in Israel.The founder of BPII, Lyle Plocher, passed away in 2020, may his memory be blessed. Lyle wanted to provide the best technologies to help advance the Israeli real estate market and to help inform, educate and inspire those inside and outside of the land. He received awards in his community for his innovative approaches to housing issues and was highly regarded in Israel for his passion for developing relationships with Israeli agents. He wanted to provide superior service to buyers around the world, to help people see the beauty of Israel and to enable them to find their home here.

Upon Lyle’s passing, as per his directive, the leadership of BPII is now in the hands of his close Israeli friends and associates with whom he worked for nearly two decades.

Lyle Plocher

Being fueled by Lyle’s vision, we believe the next generation of BPII will be even more ready to meet the needs of those seeking a home in Israel, and to help real estate agents in Israel be even more successful. Our team’s desire is to serve and connect people to make your real estate experience a pleasant and professional one. Please do connect with us if you have any questions and if you would like us to assist with your real estate needs here in Israel.

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