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Looking for an Appraiser?

When purchasing a property or land in Israel many people consider hiring a certified appraiser or “Shammai” in Hebrew. The appraiser will be able to give you a detailed evaluation of the estimated market value of this property, including all assets on the property, as well as information pertaining to building permits, legal rights, tax issues and how the property is registered at the land authority. This is just a sample list of the tasks an appraiser can do.

When you get to the stage of negotiation for your property, having this information is invaluable and can save you money and heartache later..

Appraisers also take part in assessment and negotiation processes in specific tax issues especially when it pertains to land ownership. Appraisers are widely used by mortgage banks if you need a mortgage, in order to verify the value of the property. It is wise to consider using your own appraiser since the bank's appraiser might not have your interests in mind!

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