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זאב מלב

Service is a word that begins at the first session and ends at the end of the process. I longed for the world of real estate when I was given the opportunity to sell vacation and tourism units, at Time Schering, in the southern city of Eilat. From then on, the path for me was natural. As one who brought with him the professionalism, credibility, and integrity, to engage in the real estate industry. Over 20 years of experience in the field I have included quite a few potential investors and private clients, from Israel and abroad to make real estate purchases. With close supervision and individual consultation, until the signing of an agreement. The most important aspect of a real estate deal at the crucial stage, that is, the management of proper negotiations, which connects both sides to a successful real estate deal. From here comes experience and knowledge acquired over the years with positive results and finished. Knowing the city of Eilat, the areas and neighborhoods in it, speeding up and reducing, the time of the client, who wants to be impressed by the assets that find him at a given time and the explanation is detailed and professional. Real estate investing is among the most important economic decisions in our lives, in order to advance us to a stable and happy standard of living. I joined Korenfld Real Estate Agency, because I believe that with us the client will find the dream home. Real estate agent and consultant – Zhehev Malev – speaks fluent in Russian, English and Hebrew.


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