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שערי נדל


Shaari Real Estate was founded in 2005 by Asher Dahan with the aim of acting personally for the benefit of his clients for the sale and purchase of residential properties, commercial properties, hotels, land and income-generating properties for investment. Shaarei Real Estate is a constantly growing company that deals in all areas of real estate and entrepreneurship with many years of experience, starting with diverse courses full of content that include certification and a license from the Ministry of Justice, moving on to real estate brokerage, property management, property improvements, urban renewal entrepreneurship - eviction, construction, and more. Today, a large number of transactions were carried out, including; representation and support of clients in the purchase of property, mediation, representation and support of clients in complex and complicated real estate transactions. The expertise and professionalism of Shaari Real Estate deals in several areas: a . Brokerage and entrepreneurship for residential and commercial real estate. B. Locating profitable real estate investments. third. Marketing new projects d. Management of holiday apartments and hospitality. God. Property management, renovations and improvements. and. Academy for real estate studies - including certification and license. G. Urban renewal - eviction of buildings, representation of entrepreneurs and real estate companies. H. Tenant manager - representing and accompanying tenants in the urban process of eviction. ninth. Real estate consulting before the purchase/sale of a property. J. Compilation of exclusive real estate books in Israel, "The Land Law in Israel" 11. Locating land for saturated construction and private construction. 12. Mediating representation and accompanying clients in complex real estate transactions. 13. Brokerage of hotel properties and hospitality and recreation sites. The success rates of transactions in our office are at the highest level and at a professional and high-quality level, and this is because every property in the office is given the utmost attention. Asher Dahan, a senior real estate consultant, is the owner of the office who accompanies his clients personally and professionally, an expert and holder of a legal real estate license on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, with rich experience in mediation and managing negotiations for over 25 years. In our office you can receive professional support and diverse services from lawyers in the field of real estate, architects, planning information, private and bank real estate appraisals, interior design, engineers, construction supervision, real estate consultants


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