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Racer LTD

Jacob simsolo

"Racer Real estate" - provides services of Real Estate in Israel for Jews living abroad We have 18 years of experience in handling properties in the Jerusalem ,Jerusalem area and Mounts of Yehuda .Such as: Jerusalem City , Mevsaret Zion, Moza Ilit, Ramat Moza, Beit Zeit, Beit Nakofa, Shuava, Shoresh , Neve Ilan, Har Adar, Ramat Raziel, Kisalon, Givat Yearim, Eshtaul, Misilat Zion ."Racer" offers service in English, Hebrew and Spanish. We will provide you professional knowledge our experience in the buying/selling process, including the value of the property, planning status, and other tips. Racer operates with professionalism, reliability, a high level of service and knowledge that promote the sale / purchase of the property for you.


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