Commercial real estate opportunity in Michmoret

Information - Property #49-3585

Holiday Village Project " Miramar "

Michmoret resort " Miramar " sold as is at a price of $ 1,500,000 million and five hundred thousand ₪ per Dunam , according to a calculation of 53 acres, at a cost of about eighty million ₪ + related expenses , lawyer , mediation , etc.
Price for meter built as it is today estimated at about 8000 ₪ meter built only
(Similar to the price of an apartment in Kiryat Ata or Nahariya )
By calculation of 9800 m² exist today , without considering the possibility of multiplying the meter still based zoning , 18,000 sqm is easily attainable under lawyer .
As mentioned, the program is built on entrepreneurial currently hold a reference only, without considering the possibility of increasing the built-up area , and based on the definition renovation and upgrading existing structures , without delays for permits or special requests tow execution time.
The price of land is stated ₪ eighty million , and the estimated construction cost is approximately seventy million ₪ including landscaping and building an artificial lake surrounded by cafes , galleries and entertainment facilities . Zoning allows the construction of commercial space , recreation space and recreation facilities .
Sc"h investment instead amounts to about 150 million ₪
Eighty million + land cost seventy million cost of renovating a very high level .
Instead of 140 residential units are built ground-level sold each least amount of 1,700,000 million and seven hundred thousand ₪ . Likewise it is possible to build a number of private homes are set registers as employees, and in addition there is instead an area of about 800 square meters overlooking the sea panorama , you can make vacation apartments rare Beauty will be sold at a high price accordingly.
Simple calculations vacation units sold 140 million seven hundred each - two hundred forty million ₪ plus at least forty million for apartments and other homes .
The total amount exchanged in the transaction is estimated at approximately - 300 million ₪
And estimated profit is estimated at $ 150 million ₪ .
The project's success depends on the beauty of design and execution .
The project is intended to be a valuable and renowned worldwide.
The idea is to create a village where artists a unique character that will attract visitors from Israel and abroad , and will be a place of inspiration, fit for business activities , social and recreation


$ 22,000,000
53,000 sq. meters
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