Raanana - Jewel of the Sharon

Panoramic view of Raanana residential areas

Founded in 1922, by a small group of Jews from New York, Raanana’s story is that of Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel. It is a story of Zionist fulfillment, woven into the fabric of the history of the establishment of the State of Israel. In its early years, the fledgling settlement was a symbol of agricultural activity, and its settlers made their living primarily from citrus fruits. Since the 1980s Raanana has become a city.  What once was a tiny settlement of just a few dozen people, and later grew into a village with 3,000 residents at the time of the War of Independence, is today an ever expanding city of close to 85,000 residents spanning an area of 15,000 dunams.

Modern day Raanana, has become a very popular suburban city in the Sharon region of Israel.  A large portion of Raanana's residents are immigrants from English, French and Spanish speaking countries.  Raanana has been named the city with the highest quality of life in Israel and the safest city in the Middle East. 

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