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Netanya is a city in Israel on the shores of the Mediterranean with a nearly 9 mile stretch of beaches that have made it a very popular tourist destination.  The city, which was founded in the late 1920’s, was named after the Jewish American philanthropist, Nathan Straus, who was a great financial supporter of those who were attempting to settle the Jewish homeland.  The name Netanya, actually means “what God gave”.

Founded by five settlers in 1929, Netanya was home to 9,000 people when Israel declared it’s independence in 1948.  Actually, Netanya was the first community to be designated as a “city” in the newly established State of Israel.

According to a survey taken by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics in 2001, 99.9% of the population was Jewish.  As of 2007, Netanya was home to 176,500 people and is expected to reach a population of 350,000 by 2020.  In terms of religion, 50% of the Jewish population in Netanya is secular.

In terms of the origin of Netanya’s residents, just over 50% of the inhabitants are born in Israel and the remainder are immigrants, who over the last 20 years have come largely from France and Russia with Jews from the U.K. also being represented amongst the immigrants.

Netanya is located just north of Tel Aviv and in recent years has seen it’s beachfront become populated with numerous high-rise apartments towers and has become very popular among English speaking tourists.

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