Kfar Hananya

Kfar Hananya is a communal settlement in the Galilee in northern Israel. It belongs to the Merom HaGalil Regional Council.

Kfar Hananya is named after the ancient village of the same name, which is mentioned in the Mishna as a community on the border between the Lower Galilee and Upper Galilee.  Near the community is a burial place attributed to Rabbi Hananya ben Akashya and Mount Meron is just 15 minutes away.  The community was founded in 1977 as a moshav of the movement Hapoel HaMizrachi for members of nearby moshavim.  In 1992, it became a communal settlement.

Today, the growing community is mixed with people from many origins and has an active Beit Knesset.  There is an older area and a new developing neighborhood attracting young couples.  There are currently 30 doctors most of whom work at the Safed hospital, writers, artists, a movie producer and at least 16 familieis with a varied selection of bed and breakfast establishments.  They have a local laundry and breakfast service as well as a Bistro restaurant in the settlement.

Kfar Hananya is well located with a great view of mountains as well as to the Kinneret on the eastern side of the settlement.  It is about 15 minutes to Karmi'el and Tiberias and 30 minutes to Safed.

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