Hadera - Important economic center on the coast

Givat Olga beach at Hadera

Hadera is a city of approximately 80,000 people along the Israeli Mediterranean Coastal plain, 45 kilometers north of Tel Aviv and roughly the same distance south of Haifa.  The city's jurisdiction covers 53,000 dunams, which makes it the country's fourth largest city in terms of area.

Hadera was founded in 1891 by Eastern European immigrants from Lithuania and Latvia.  The city has had 2 large growth spurts over the years, the first happening after Israeli statehood in 1948, when many immigrants came from Russia and Eastern Europe.  Also, of significance was the arrival of 40 immigrant families from Yemen. Hadera was declared a city in 1952.  In the 1990's, the second large wave of immigrants arrived in Hadera from Russia and Ethiopia.

Hadera is home to Israel's first paper mill, Israel's largest power plant and the world's largest desalination plant.

The scenic part of Hadera includes Givat Olga, which is both the name of Hadera's largest neighborhood as well as Hadera's beach. The beach is an inviting stretch of sandy beach, followed by pleasant and romantic coves as you head south of the main beach. Givat Olga was named after Olga Hankin, wife of Yehoshua Hankin who purchased the land where Hadera was founded.

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