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Beach and shops at Port in Caesarea

Caesarea is a unique and afflluent community in Israel, located halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa, on the Mediterranean Coast. 

An area steeped in history, dating back to 22 BCE when Herod began construction of a deep sea harbor and built storerooms, markets, wide roads, baths, temples to Rome and Augustus, and imposing public buildings.  Every five years the city hosted major sports competitions, gladiator games, and theatrical productions. 

Modern Caesarea got it's start shortly after the establishment of the State of Israel, when the Rothschild family turned over to the State of Israel a 35,000 dunam plot of land in and around the modern city of Ceasarea.  The Rothschild family then formed a Charitable Foundation, which leased the entire 35,000 dunams back from the state.  The Foundation is funded by land sales within the 35,000 dunam area.  The entire area is privately run and managed by the Caesarea Development Corporation and all profits from the CDC operations are given to the Foundation to be passed on to organizations that advance higher learning and culture across Israel.

Caesarea is divided into a number of residential zones, known as clusters. The most recent of these to be constructed is Cluster 13, which, like all the clusters is given a name, in this case, "The Golf Cluster", owing to its close proximity to the Caesarea Golf Course. These neighborhoods are universally affluent, although vary largely in terms of average plot size. 

The Caesarea Golf Course is the only 18 hole golf course in Israel. 

While Caesarea residents enjoy their Country Club lifestyle, just a short ways from the sea, tourists flock to the historic port area and Aqueduct Beach.

Caesarea Dev Corp website

Photo of beach and shops at port in Ceasarea is courtesy of Hillel MIntz

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