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Ashkelon is the southernmost city on the Mediterranean shoreline. In recent years, its 12 kilometers of beautiful beaches have attracted Israelis and foreign tourists alike. Ashkelon was named after an ancient city whose remains can be found on Tel Ashkelon in the Ashkelon National Park. The city is mentioned in the Bible several times. But the main stories connected to it are about Samson and the fact that Goliath the Philistine was “a man of Ashkelon”… The city has been inhabited throughout the ages. Its location on the coast has often made it an important port city.

Ashkelon has become a tourist center, offers new real estate projects for investors as well as new immigrants for attractive prices. The cities geographical closeness to all major cities of Israel as well as the Ben Gurion Airport, only adds to this coastal cities uniqueness. Modern day Ashkelon is about a 45 minute drive south of Tel Aviv and is home to in excess of 110,000 people.

One of the city’s major attractions is the National Park south-west of the city, which includes the ancient Tel Ashkelon. The city’s remaining public beaches stretch out to the north of the National Park, with an abundance of holiday facilities and hotels. The seashore also has a Marina with a rich variety of coffee shops and restaurants, offering the vast richness of Mediterranean foods. Nearby there is a beautiful promenade with out door work out for young and old, and the Ashkelona Water Park.

Afridar, the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ neighborhood of Ashkelon, has a history of its own closely linked to the history of Anglo settlement in Israel. Afridar has the distinction of having two firsts. It was both the first modern neighborhood of Ashkelon and the first “Anglo-Saxon” settlement – and, up to now, the only one in Israel. It was founded in 1951 by the Zionist Federation of South Africa solely for South African settlers.

Within the original area of 1950s Afridar live approximately 15,000 souls. Today, the South African element of the population is greatly diluted, but the neighborhood is still Ashkelon’s most high-end residential area. Afridar’s English-speaking community includes South Africans, Britons, Americans, Canadians and Australians. The English Speakers Association of Ashkelon, ESOA, is active socially and culturally, organizing cheese and wine evenings, a book club, a monthly movie night, and lecture series, including a weekly Torah lesson. One of the organization’s aims is to help newcomers from English-speaking countries settle in and acclimatize themselves to their new environment. - ENGLISH SPEAKERS OF ASHKELON

Ashkelon is a modern city with a modern infrastructure. Factories and offices, telecommunication, computers, Internet service providers, cable TV, hospitals, health clinics, schools, real estate agents, trains, buses, taxis, manufacturing companies, power plants, cultural center, malls, gyms, educations facilities, you name it, Ashkelon has it all…

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